Check out what Hillmar LLC's clients are saying about our services!

“It was amazing to see the improvement come so quickly. Our speech therapist was exceptional in explaining information to my daughter so that she could understand and make the corrections to her speech. We are still so thankful that this was such effective therapy.”

– M.R.

“Our school district has used Hillmar, LLC for many years. The quality of the bilingual evaluations has been exceptional. Hillmar, LLC’s evaluators have the knowledge and professionalism to work with our Spanish speaking students and their parents.”

– C.F.

“Hillmar, LLC staff was warm and very helpful in scheduling home speech and occupational therapy services for my mother. By the time my mother got home from a rehabilitation center, the therapists were ready to work with my mother in the comfort of her home. The clinicians were flexible and very caring with my mother.”

– L.M.

“My five year old son was evaluated by Hillmar, LLC bilingual Spanish school evaluators. The bilingual evaluators showed cultural awareness and were truly fluent Spanish speakers. I feel the results of my son’s testing were an accurate reflection of his communication and academic abilities considering his bilingual home exposure.”

– M.Q.

Hillmar LLC’s corporate speech pathologist was wonderful! She was very understanding with my concerns about my strong accent and my need to present at an upcoming conference. English is not my first language. After listening to my concerns and completing an assessment, she developed an eight week sessions plan. I liked that she offered telecommunication sessions which allowed for me to work with her after my work hours. I felt confident during my professional conference presentation. My colleagues who had attended my presentations acknowledged the significant improvement with my pronunciation of English. I highly would recommend Hillmar LLC if you are in need of corporate communication improvement.

– S.M.