Corporate Services

Hillmar, LLC’s service providers are steadfast qualified communication specialists who provide individuals, organizations and businesses with services to promote verbal, nonverbal as well as written communication skills for native and non-native English speakers. Hillmar’s LLC corporate speech pathologists work with the clients toward achieving effective communication to enhance professional relationships and build self confidence, Improved productivity is achieved by eliminating misunderstanding of speech, mistaken messages and time consuming repetitions.

Corporate speech
Potential Clients

  • New or established business: Administrators, Staff, Presenters
  • Organizations
  • Athletes : High School, Collegiate, Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Sale Representatives
  • Clergy
  • Lawyers
  • University Professionals and Students

Benefits from Corporate Speech Services
corporate speech & languages

  • More effective professional speech
  • Greater understanding from listeners
  • Enhanced interoffice communication
  • Enhanced interpersonal communication
  • Potential for career growth opportunities
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased confidence for professional presentations
  • Improved image of the company
  • Improved interrelationship of business executives and customers
  • Improved writing skills

Professional Services

Hillmar, LLC offers corporate professional services through consultations and customized individualized or group or telepractice sessions and goals to maximize the benefits of communication services.

  • Accent reduction/modification
  • Business/Social communication etiquette
  • Voice improvement
  • Business writing
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Speaking
  • Body Language/Nonverbal communication
  • Lip Reading